198. The Bonus Mom Coach Charmaine Broome

Watch out! Episode 198 is in english and we are happy and proud to have our first international guest, singer and bonus mom coach Charmaine Swimpson Broome in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. She talks about her family and her books, the bonus mum and vice president Kamala Harris, and discuss spanking – forbidden in law in all of Sweden since 1979 but still practiced in the United States.

Please let us know what you liked about the episode and what you like us to talk about next time. You can reach us through Instagram och Facebook – where we also have Bonusfamiljernas diskussionsgrupp. Don’t miss the club Bonusfamiljer and the room Bonusfamiljsnack sunday mornings at 9.00 (swedish time) in the new app Clubhouse. You’re also always welcome to e-mail us at: bonuspappan.plusmamman@gmail.com

Bonuspappan & Plusmamman is a podcast about life in a blended family, with parenting and relations as a main point. The podcast is a weekly production made by Maria and Martin Erlandsson in Varberg since the summer of 2017. Music is by Karin and Marcus Bodin, performed by CC Campers (2001) – parts of the songs ”Texans are forever” and ”Rent a tent” (with Martin on drums and percussion).



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